I was born in Hamburg in 1987. At the age of 15, I started my modelling career and moved to New York right after I finished high school. In New York I discovered my love for art and photography and started my an exciting journey in classical painting, drawing and printmaking at the National Academy of Fine Arts. After my graduation, I woke as an art consultant assistant, and kept on painting and photographing ( mostly street photography and portraits). In order to pursue photography as a professional career, I left New York for Berlin where I attended Letter Verein, school of Design. Since 2016 I'm working as a freelance photographer, with the focus on environmental art as well   as a photography and production assistant.


Exhibitions and Publications

2019: solo exhibition „Fenster des Konsums“, Group Global 3000 

Book launch “Pure or Plastic“ von Universal Sea,

Exhibition and artist talk at Betahaus Berlin  Can Art be a Catalist for Change

 2018: TV Feature at RBB Berlin,  „Fenster des Konsums“  

Article at Tagesspiegel, Titel: „Kunst aus Müll und Licht

2017: Group exhibition with the Photography Kollektiv „NULL“ , Galerie Uhrwerk, Berlin

2016: Publication in Motz streetmagazine: „Soziale Förderung in Tel Aviv“, „Trump Tower“ 

2014: Groupshow at Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York