Circular Budy 

Your pocket ashtray on the go

How is began:

The Story began with our wish for cleaner parks, rivers, beaches and streets. A major inspiration was Japan, where smokers use portable ashtrays on the go. This results in genrally cleaner landfills and more self responsible behaviours of the society.  

In our research, we noticed that the portable ashtrays currently on our market are not popular enough for people to consider buying an extra accessory.

So we wanted to create an ashtray that has more to it than just the function of collecting butts: An ashtray which is well designed, one of a kind, personal and made locally of recycled material ready to be recycled again after it‘s lifetime.

To achive that, we thought of making it out of recycled plastic with a detachable metal plate. Simple, creative, circular. With that in mind, we realized our first partnership with Kunststoffschmiede Dresden, who share the spirit and values in every aspect of their production process.

Our Mission: 

A better heritage for the next generations.

Circular Budy is collaborative initiative that aims to protect our planet by tackling plastic pollution and contributing to a more healthy circular society. 

Our first project Pocket Budy encourages smokers on the go to stop polluting our landfills and oceans. Pocket Budies can either be used as pocket ashtrays or pocket storage to always keep safe your precious items with you, supporting a sustainable waste-free lifestyle. 

Each Budy is an unique eco-artwork 100% made of recycled plastic, preciously collected and selected in Berlin and Dresden for their quality and color combinations, to give them a great new meaningful life and increase awareness of plastic pollution.