The Story began with my  wish  for cleaner parks, rivers, beaches and streets. A major inspiration was Japan, where smokers use portable ashtrays on the go. This results in generally cleaner landfills and more self responsible behaviours of the society.   
In my research, I noticed that the portable ashtrays currently on our market are not popular enough for people to consider buying an extra accessory.
So I wanted to create an ashtray that has more to it than just the function of collecting butts: An ashtray which is well designed, one of a kind, personal and made locally of recycled material ready to be recycled again after it‘s lifetime.
To achive that, I  thought of making it out of recycled plastic with a detachable metal plate. Simple, creative and circular. With that in mind, I realized our first partnership with the Precious Plastic Community, who share the spirit and values in every aspect of their production process.

Why ?

I believe people can become truly mindful of the trash they leave behind and be responsible citizens of our world. 

For a better heritage for the next generations.

How ?

We raise awareness of the harm caused by cigarette butts in landfills.

We are doing that by organizing clean ups, events, and by informing smokers. 

What ?

A unique container, that helps to keep your cigarettes save and smell free. This container happens to be made of 100 % recycled plastic. They can be customized for your own brand or as a gift.

Where ?

Festivals, concerts, parks, beaches, lakes, your favorite bar, playgrounds, roof top parties, by the pool, clubs, parking lots,  gardens.