On Nov. 8 2016 I was in New York. My birthday happened to be on the day of the election night. The whole city was watching it, there were house partys and public viewings. What nobody of us knew at the beginning of the night was, that our party - a joined election/birthday bash, would turn into a terrifying experience. During the course of the night, the atmosphere became louder every moment when Trump won in an other state. People were beefing, many were anxious and we all drunk way too much. What happened at the end of that night is well known- we're right in the middle of it all.. On the next day and all following days, the new president was the talk of the town- and I was very interested to know what my friends were thinking about, what their biggest fears were and what they were hoping for. So I conducted a small survey (I had one day before my return to Germany). Today, more than a year later, it is even more moving to see their reflections.

1) What is your biggest fear right now?

2) What do you think will happen in the next view years?

3) What do you wish to happen?